Seasons Change


Spring is {finally} here and summer is just around the corner. Insert praise hands emoji here. Read to the end for some exciting news about the blog!

I have missed sharing my stories and reflections with you. I’ve let the chaos and stress of life keep me away. Lately, Jesus is nudging me back to writing. Whispering that I was made to do this. This is my space, and if my voice is silent, there is no replacement. So I am excited to be back with you, sharing my crazy stories and encouraging words with you.

Anyone who knows me irl (in real life) could tell you how much I enjoy stories. Interesting stories just seem to find me, even when I am not looking for them. Sometimes I really wish they wouldn’t LOL!

I get a kick out of telling stories about people I meet and the circumstances we find ourselves in. I try to provide as much detail as possible, so much so that my listeners are almost in the story with me, roaring with laughter by the end of the telling.

I love the power of stories to connect us to each other.

I feel the same way about books. In middle school, I discovered that books can make you laugh, cry, and think. Books make the world come alive. By the time I’ve finished a great book, the characters are friends that I have come to love.

That look on your face when you just finished a really good book! Or is it just me?

I am always reading at least three books at once, content to find a cozy corner of the world to snuggle up in with a really good read. A bit socially awkward, I admit, I once ignored a room full of people at a party to go explore the bookcase. Thankfully, a more socially adjusted person reminded me to be present with those around me.

But I always feel that pull. Is it clear yet that my love of storytelling knows no bounds?

Just as books can make us feel joy, sadness, and make us think, I am also a firm believer in the ability of books to facilitate healing. That has been my experience over the past few years. Just the right book at just the right time made it’s way into my hands by divine providence. A gift from a friend, Little Library find, or a book that was already in my possession, kept safe for the appropriate time.

Those books were a balm to my open wounds of fear of the unknown, dealing with change/loss, letting go of striving for perfection,…you name it. I remember finishing one book in less than 48 hours. The author’s words and the work of the Holy Spirit within me made it just what I needed.

Now, I find myself dispensing book recommendations the way some doctors dispense pain medications. Bibliotherapy, if you will. As much as I love sharing my stories with others, I enjoy sharing book recommendations just as much.

Which is why I am excited to share that my blog, like the season, is making a shift. For each blog post, I will will share a reflection or story from life paired with a great book recommendation. Each book that I post is one that I have read from cover-to-cover (with the exception of some poetry anthologies). These are books that challenged me to grow and helped me through the hard times. My prayer and heart’s desire and that these books will also bring healing to your hearts, wherever you are on the journey.

Here’s to new seasons, return to writing, and really good books.

Will you join me?

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