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5 Practical Tips to Realizing Your Dream

You said YES to the dream God placed in your heart. You might ask, “Now what?” It can be scary to take the first step, so here are 5 practical tips to achieving your dream.


Pray without ceasing. – 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ESV

First, seeking God’s voice through prayer has to be at the center of your dream journey. God is the source of creativity, vision, and everything that is good, including the dream He placed in your heart. 

Friend, when God made us in His image, He included that same creativity. We can be creative and dream big dreams because His spirit is within us. Have a conversation and brainstorm with God about where to start first. God didn’t give you this dream to send you off alone. Invite Him into the process by asking what He thinks!

As I began my dream, there were days when I felt crystal clear about my focus, but I noticed there were times when I felt confused. When those times came, I pressed in, prayed again, and sure enough God would open my eyes and remind me of the goal. Press in at every stage.

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