A Bold New World: #OneWord365 Review

For 2016, my #oneword365 was #BOLD. I felt God calling me to grow in my identity, pursue the dreams within my heart, and to trust Him with it all. 365 days later I see the strength and, indeed, boldness, that has grown within me as I overcame challenges, let go of things hindering me, delved deeper into His character, and celebrated the good. Strength within me that I never thought possible but was always there.



I led a Girl Scout troop for a year! I transitioned from a job in education to one where I get to love on families when they need it most. I went vegan for Lent…and relapsed (#bacon!)…but I’m planning to make a comeback! On July 5, I learned that it is SURELY AND ONLY God’s breath in my lungs that keeps me going. God’s mercies are new every day!



On October 4, I took a bold step and I launched Mama’s Southern Love on Etsy. It took months of preparation and lots of courage to say YES to the desire in my heart, but I am so glad I did! In December I completed my first Holiday Market interacting live with customers. I’ve learned so much on this journey to entrepreneurship, and I look forward to learning more in 2017.

Later that month I completed my first international solo travel to Ghana where God opened my eyes to more of His beautiful world, and my life was forever changed. I formed new friendships, tried new things, and discovered it is possible to fall in love with a country. I can’t wait to go back!

Super blessed and grateful for all that my blessings from 2016! I am excited for what God has in store for 2017! Stay tuned tomorrow for my one word for 2017! ☺️

#2016 #yearinreview #bold #refinersfire #GodsMercyIsNeverCeasing #mamassouthernlove #ghana #travel #AshesiMeansBeginning #reflection #nye


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