A Bold New World: #OneWord365 Review

A Bold New World: #OneWord365 Review

For 2016, my #oneword365 was #BOLD. I felt God calling me to grow in my identity, pursue the dreams within my heart, and to trust Him with it all. 365 days later I see the strength and, indeed, boldness, that has grown within me as I overcame challenges, let go of things hindering me, delved deeper into His character, and celebrated the good. Strength within me that I never thought possible but was always there.



I led a Girl Scout troop for a year! I transitioned from a job in education to one where I get to love on families when they need it most. I went vegan for Lent…and relapsed (#bacon!)…but I’m planning to make a comeback! On July 5, I learned that it is SURELY AND ONLY God’s breath in my lungs that keeps me going. God’s mercies are new every day!



On October 4, I took a bold step and I launched Mama’s Southern Love on Etsy. It took months of preparation and lots of courage to say YES to the desire in my heart, but I am so glad I did! In December I completed my first Holiday Market interacting live with customers. I’ve learned so much on this journey to entrepreneurship, and I look forward to learning more in 2017.

Later that month I completed my first international solo travel to Ghana where God opened my eyes to more of His beautiful world, and my life was forever changed. I formed new friendships, tried new things, and discovered it is possible to fall in love with a country. I can’t wait to go back!

Super blessed and grateful for all that my blessings from 2016! I am excited for what God has in store for 2017! Stay tuned tomorrow for my one word for 2017! ☺️

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About stacynjeffries

Life is a collection of our stories, a collection of moments. I love to tell stories! I think that through storytelling, we get to share glimpses of our lives with each other, to see the world in the other person’s eyes. Through the laughter and the tears our stories offer encouragement and hope to others. This space was created so that I could share my stories of healing, redemption, living fully alive, and finding my voice again. I hope my words encourage you wherever you are on the path. I hope you laugh. I hope you cry. I hope you feel and come alive again. I hope you find your own path to redemption and healing. I hope you find your own voice for telling your stories and sharing your heart with the world. God is with you. God is for you. God sees you and He hears your prayers, and He bends down to listen.

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