Bold & Courageous

img_1553BOLD is my 2016 One Word, and God has taught me so much over nine months. I say nine months because my lessons started long before the shiny crystal ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this year my pastor preached a message about Elijah and being bold that really stuck with me. He admonished us that we can be civil and bold at the same time. Like Elijah, we have to be bold in standing for truth and what we believe, not cowering in the face of lies or the enemy. Like they lyrics of a popular song I like says,  “we were made to be courageous!”

With the challenges I faced this past year, this was an on time word. Standing for what is right is not easy – and it isn’t always popular – but I needed to be reminded that just like Elijah, I can stand for truth. Like Elijah, I can rally others to stand for truth too. In order to do that I must be willing to be bold and speak up.

That same night I went to hear Lisa Bevere speak at an event sponsored by The Rising DC. She encouraged us women to be unrelentingly bold and courageous; for us to write our chapters of the Bible well.What Jesus! The same message I heard just an hour earlier. As my tribe likes to say, COME ON SOMEBODY!

I used to think that being bold would make other people uncomfortable, but really that was just insecurity.–>Click to tweet. The truth is that being bold means you are confident and comfortable in who you are. –> Click to tweet. It also means showing integrity and standing up for what is right, and being who God created each of us to be. He doesn’t want us to shrink ourselves so that we don’t rock the boat. He doesn’t want us to live a life of just playing it safe.

I am slowly growing in boldness. Sometimes I shock myself with my new found boldness. I may shake in my boots at first, then eventually I realize that I stood for truth, or I put up boundaries – and there is nothing harmful about either of those things. Praying that as 2016 continues I will continue to believe boldly, pray boldly, and step out boldly.

How are you writing out your chapter in 2016? Share a highlight from your 2016 One Word/Resolution journey.