Change is Here…to Stay



In 2014 I set aside the habit of listing traditional, recycled-from-last-year New Year’s Resolutions, opting instead for One Word 365 – choosing one word to guide my year. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! In 2014 my word was complete. God showed me that I am perfectly loved and complete in Him. Last year, God directed me towards the word change – a word that was very negatively charged for me. In my eyes, change only brought bad things. It disrupted the flow of comfort zone living. So when I sensed God highlighting the word change, I expected that He wanted to redeem it in my life. I was right, and I learned much more than I expected. Here are some of the things I learned about change in 2015.

Growth requires change. In order for a planted seed to bloom into something beautiful, it must change. It has to be buried in dirt, break through the hard shell to send it’s roots downward and leaves upward. It is impossible for the seed to stay the same and grow. The same goes for us.


It has often been said that God loves us just as we are – but He loves us too much to leave us the same. We are just like planted seeds that have so much potential. God wants to call out that potential in each one of us – yet it requires us to be buried in dirt as we go through a process to become those beautiful flowers, evidence of His glory and goodness.

God did not die on a cross so that you and I could live in comfort and routine. God came so that we could all live fully alive, and that requires open hands and a willingness to change. I have heard it said many times that God is a God of adventure. In 2015 I found this to be so much true. We have to be willing to try new things, step out on the limb of faith and believe that our God will meet us there.

God does not call us to living a life where we hold on with a tight grip to everything we have. God’s word says He is doing a new thing; now it springs up – do we not perceive it? If we are holding onto the past with a tight grip, how can we receive anything new from Him? Just as God provided the Israelites with manna in the wilderness on a daily basis, He wants to give us something new each and every day. New mercies, new grace, new revelations.

When we are willing to open our hands and surrender what we think is the bees knees, then – and only then – can God fill our hands with His best. <–Click to tweet.


Change isn’t only good, but it isn’t always bad. Sometimes change is beyond our control, more than just a personal decision we make for ourselves. When this happens, we each have a choice. Do we embrace it and bring what we have to the table to make things work, or do we expend priceless energy and time complaining about and fighting against something that we have no power to change? I learned that the best outcomes are reached when we choose to embrace the change and do what we have with where we are.

Change can bring freedom to try new things. I realized that if I always do everything the exact same way that I have always done it, then I’ll never try a new food, or go snorkeling oceans deep in Jamaica! If we limit ourselves to the only things we’ve ever known, then we miss out on so much that the world has to offer.

People and relationships change. There is an ebb and flow when it comes to relationships – and it’s all about keeping an open heart. Not only do we allow room for relationships to change, but we must allow others in our lives to change – and by doing so we honor them and God.

God reminded me that through all of the changes, HE is unchanging <–Click to tweet. His love for me is never ending. No matter what I face, no matter what uncharted waters He leads me to travel, His character will always remain steadfast. When I am faced with the unexpected, I can run to Him and find comfort in Him. Now that is a constant I can hold onto forever.

And with that, I am confident that change is here to stay.

Stay tuned for my One Word 365 for 2016!

How did you live out your 2015 #OneWord365? Share one thing you learned in the comments!

Resource: YouVersion App on Choosing One Word



About stacynjeffries

Life is a collection of our stories, a collection of moments. I love to tell stories! I think that through storytelling, we get to share glimpses of our lives with each other, to see the world in the other person’s eyes. Through the laughter and the tears our stories offer encouragement and hope to others. This space was created so that I could share my stories of healing, redemption, living fully alive, and finding my voice again. I hope my words encourage you wherever you are on the path. I hope you laugh. I hope you cry. I hope you feel and come alive again. I hope you find your own path to redemption and healing. I hope you find your own voice for telling your stories and sharing your heart with the world. God is with you. God is for you. God sees you and He hears your prayers, and He bends down to listen.

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