2015: A Time for Change


January. The start of the new year and the season of new beginnings. The month when life seems fresh, and new, and anything seems possible. The month we write endless resolutions, goals to complete in the new year. That’s the way it’s usually done.

For years I wrote list after list of goals I wanted to accomplish, and year after year my success rate was hit or miss. Last year, I chose to frame the new year in a different way. After hearing my pastor talk about his one word, I stumbled across a 4-Day YouVersion plan that spoke to the impact of choosing just one word to live by, instead of creating an endless list of to-do’s.  I mentioned that last year my word was COMPLETE. I allowed God to shape me and my year through this word, and it was such an awesome journey! You can read about my 2014 journey found here.

Two and a half weeks ago, God told me that my word is CHANGE. 

YAY! Jump for joy and happy dance!


Now listen. Lean in and listen closely.

Anyone who knows me well knows that change and I are not the best of pals. In fact, many times change gets the side eye LOL. You’re talking to a person who usually orders the same thing from the menu because she knows she loves it. The person who returns to her same seat in the classroom after the first day. A comfort zone type of girl.

So I politely asked threw a tantrum and wanted to pick a new word.


God has confirmed over and over, even with my kicking and screaming, that this is the word for 2015. The journal that my friend sent me last year? It’s titled 100% Changed: Embracing Your Complete Metamorphosis (hey there’s that word complete again too!). The messages I have been receiving from multiple Christian reading sources over the past two weeks? God loves change. Just today I took this photo as I was commuting to work:




After seeing this I just laughed with God and said, OKAY! I surrender to this wild and crazy ride of learning to appreciate change more! I’m realizing God wants to show me that change can be good! My God is a God of adventure, and He wants me to experience life to the full! —>Click to Tweet. Over the past two years God has been showing me little by little that trying new things, tasting new foods, visiting new places is very exciting! He continues to show me that the comfort zone is not the place to be for a spirit-led, fun filled life with God —>Click to Tweet. So finally, after two years of nudges, I am finally “getting it!” LOL.

And for now, I am excited about what change can bring.

What’s your #OneWord365?