I Hope You Dance



Photo Credit Holley Gerth

I was a Daddy’s girl, through and through.

I enjoyed spending time with my dad when I was growing up. I loved having conversations with him where he lectured me taught me things and shared his perspective on the world with me. He had a great smile, uproarious laughter, a huge heart, and he loved to tell stories. My dad would watch old, black and white movies and westerns – basically anything on TMC or AMC, and I would grab a seat on the couch and watch with him. Spending that time with him was priceless. He would tell me about the actors, actresses and behind the scenes info while we watched them together. I was fascinated. He is one of the reasons I love old movies and movie commentaries that describe what happened during filming. How else would I know that the main characters of Love Is A Many Splendored Thing hated each other?! But boy did they pull off the romance on screen! Knowing those little details that my dad shared made the experience of watching the movie that much more fun.

The summer before my ninth grade year I was set to go off to my first away summer program. I remember going shopping for the trip with my mom and dad, and seeing tons of journals in the store. My dad encouraged my to write down everything that happened that summer, so I could look back in later years and remember all the exciting things I had done. Little did I know that writing would become a major outlet for me during my high school years, and I haven’t put my pen down since.

When I graduated from high school and went off to college, I would look forward to movie nights with my dad when I was home. Until then, he would call me periodically while I was away at school, asking the standard questions of how I was doing in my classes, was I making any friends, if I was having fun. He encouraged me to keep up with my painting and journaling. He would ask me if I danced, if I knew how to dance. I thought it was a kind of funny question to ask at first. Later I realized that at the heart of his questions, he wanted to know if I was enjoying my life. He always wanted nothing more than for me to be happy, to dance, to enjoy my life to the fullest. My father’s heart wanted adventure for me! <=== Click to tweet. It is just like Holley Gerth said, by enjoying my life it brought joy to my father.

Today marks the two year anniversary of my father’s passing. In reflecting on my relationship with my dad lately, I realize that so much of my earthly dad’s heart for me reflects my Heavenly Father’s heart for me. Before my dad passed away, he was the only person I acknowledged as father. I saw God as a cold and distant God who punished us for not living a right life. I couldn’t imagine having a personal, intimate relationship with Him, much less calling Him Father, it felt so…uncharacteristic of God. Little did I know how wrong I was.

Over the past two years, I have become keenly aware of an even greater love than the love my earthly father had for me. In the pain of grieving the loss of my dad, my Heavenly Father began to pursue me full time. He put people in my path to remind me that He was in control. Over the past year, He has sent people to my inner circle to remind me how much He loves me, and that He delights in me, and how I make Him smile. My view of God began to shift and change. He sends me love letters that remind me that God sees me, and He cares about every detail of my life. No longer do I see Him as an unloving, unapproachable God, but I see Him as my Papa who promises to draw near to me if I draw near to Him (James 4:8). Slowly, surely I am learning to dance with Him and let Him lavish His love upon me. Spending time with God, just like with my earthly father, is priceless time well spent.

Now I know that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me beyond measure – greater than anyone on this earth has or could ever love me. I am his daughter, a crown of beauty in His hand, a royal diadem (Isaiah 62:3). I am chosen. I am cherished. I am validated. I am loved. I am His. <=== Click to tweet. And day by day I am learning that my Heavenly Father also has a plan for my life that involves great adventure! Sometimes more adventure that I am not sure I am ready for LOL! He wants me to enjoy every minute of this fun-filled life that He has planned for me! When God shares the details with me, when He whispers to me and reminds me that He’s got me, it makes it easier to live out the calling He has on my life. Now mind you, I may still shake in my boots, but at the end of the day, I know that He has me and He is never letting me go. I hope I make my daddy smile in Heaven, and I hope to bring a smile to Heavenly Father’s lips as I live my life for Him.

I am a Daddy’s Girl, through and through.


About stacynjeffries

Life is a collection of our stories, a collection of moments. I love to tell stories! I think that through storytelling, we get to share glimpses of our lives with each other, to see the world in the other person’s eyes. Through the laughter and the tears our stories offer encouragement and hope to others. This space was created so that I could share my stories of healing, redemption, living fully alive, and finding my voice again. I hope my words encourage you wherever you are on the path. I hope you laugh. I hope you cry. I hope you feel and come alive again. I hope you find your own path to redemption and healing. I hope you find your own voice for telling your stories and sharing your heart with the world. God is with you. God is for you. God sees you and He hears your prayers, and He bends down to listen.

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