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Review: HIM by Pierre Alex Jeanty


Today is a much anticipated day! If you’ve been following me on Instagram over the past several weeks, you’ll know how excited I’ve been to share my review of HIM – Pierre Alex Jeanty’s newest non-fiction poetry book that releases tomorrow. (I received a free copy of the book to review for the release).

Pierre writes about his journey through manhood and relationships. In his own words, Jeanty wants to “inspire men to become better, and to be a voice of hope to women who have lost faith in good men.” In a world that degrades women, he speaks words of life, value, and appreciation that go far beyond the physical. Where society works overtime to present men in a one-dimensional light, Jeanty’s writing adds flesh to the bare bones that the world would have us believe about men. Through sharing his journey, he opens the door for us to see a multi-faceted view of men – one filed with great depth, richness, and breathtaking vulnerability.

HIM is not as different from HER as the mirror of society paints it for their eyes to see… – Pierre Alex Jeanty, HIM click to tweet


HIM is a compilation of poems that honors men and their stories, their perspectives, their voices.  I love the inscription on the back, “There are words in his heart.” After reading two of Jeanty’s other books, Unspoken Feelings of a Gentleman and To the Women I Once Loved, I couldn’t wait to read HIM. I received my copy of the book just before I went on my family vacation, which was perfect timing. As I started the book, I decided to pace myself. The poems vary in length, and it can be easy to read many of them in one sitting. I wanted to take my time with it and give each poem the space it deserved, and give myself time to process all of the feelings that came with it: hope, pride, joy, sadness, and even conviction.

Love isn’t always the easiest thing to harvest. If this truth has settled in your veins already, you must not act blind to the contradictions that are swirling in your breath when you’ve grown angry at him for not being in love with you so soon. You can’t just shake a growing tree saying, “I am a good woman,” and expect fruits of love to fall. How many seasons did yours have to endure before it bore a harvest?

-Pierre Jeanty, HIM

One unexpected result of reading HIM (and other books by Jeanty) is that it encouraged me to pray for my future husband in an entirely different way. It challenges my thinking. Relationships are so complex, and Jeanty’s writing does a great job of capturing that complexity. I am hopeful – that what I and so many singles have been looking for – is out there, and that communication and vulnerability are possible. Pierre Jeanty has a way with words, and his words have the ability to bring healing, if you let them. I highly recommend this and other of Jeanty’s books to anyone who is in a relationship or seeking to be in one. I think it would also be a great conversation piece between couples. Simply put, I am so glad that I discovered HIM! I think you will be too.

I want to apologize to the men who the boy in me once mocked for being too loving, for holding onto their virginity, for having pure hearts, for valuing commitment; for befriending vulnerability, for being loyal to one woman. Only fools find reasons to mock the softness of men and the voice of love on their tongues. – Pierre Alex Jeanty, HIM

To learn more about HIM, and Pierre Jeanty’s other works, please visit his website here or find him sharing his writing on Instagram. See below for details on the upcoming book tour!


HIM is available for pre-order on his website, and will be released on August 16, 2018 where books are sold!



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National Book Lovers Day: Favorite Books

Happy National Book Lovers Day! {This post was supposed to go live earlier today, but I got distracted by all the things – including a trip to the local library for more books!}

There’s no better way to celebrate National Book Lovers Day than by sharing one of my favorite books with you!

their eyes book cover

There are years that ask questions, and years that answer. – Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

In high school, I remember reading different coming of age stories (and let’s be real – sometimes the Cliff Notes). I don’t think I even finished chapter one of Catcher in the Rye, though I do remember painfully drudging through The Awaking, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, and The Grapes of Wrath (whose ending I’ll never forget).

At the time, the assigned book list felt unnecessary and awkward; in retrospect I realize I never felt any connection with the characters. As in life, a connection with the characters and the story is just as important in the books we come to love, which is why representation matters. In no way am I saying these are not great classic novels that we can learn from – they just didn’t resonate with me.

Two things everybody’s got tuh do fuh theyselves. They got tuh go tuh God, and they got tuh find out about livin’ fuh theyselves. – Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

But I remember reading Their Eyes, and the connection was instant. I didn’t just read it – I inhaled it like precious air for my lungs. I loved reading about Janie’s awakening, which seemed to jump off of the page and speak to my own life. Maybe because I read it during a time in my life where I, too, was learning how to become independent and find my way in the world. I really do believe books can have a timing that makes their impact even greater.

Janie’s first dream was dead so she became a woman. – Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God

One of my favorite quotes from any book, Their Eyes made me consider – what does it mean to have a dream, and for that dream to die? What does it mean to be a woman – in your own eyes as opposed to someone else’s? What does it mean to be independent and free? As a “questioner” who asks all the things, Their Eyes is one of my favorite books to re-read and ponder. This is a great classic work about a woman becoming through her search for love and life on her own terms. If you haven’t yet, grab a copy and give it a read!

What’s one of your favorite books, and how did it change your life? Share in the comments!

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Propel Book Club: Unexpected

Hey guys! I am popping in briefly to share about a book club that starts on Monday. In case you’re interested I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to grab a copy of the book.

Propel Women is hosting an online book club for Christine Caine’s latest book, Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Adventure. The title alone is enough of an invitation for me. I don’t know about you, but in this current season, I can use some fear-slaying, adventure-calling wisdom (and probably a kick in the pants too) from Chris Caine, one of my faves.


The book club will span the course of five weeks, and when you sign up you’ll receive one video each week. No book club would be complete without a community to discuss it with, so you’ll also have the opportunity to connect with others online who are reading the book.

We start this coming Monday, July 23, 2018, and it’s not too late to join us! Visit Propel Women to sign up. The book can be purchased here, and if you have Amazon Prime you could have it in your hands in 2 days!

Will you join me for this book club?

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The Art of Neighboring

This summer, my church is doing a sermon series around the theme of being better neighbors. I’m a southern gal with a heart for hospitality so this was pretty cool in my book. While I do enjoy connecting with people, it doesn’t always come easily. Gone are the days of high school and college where friends are easily made over study groups and open door dorm room events. Which leads us to the inevitable question – how do we make community in the working years?

I was honored to be invited to share my story with my church of ways that I neighbor with those in my community. After reflecting on what has worked well for me, I’d like to share some of those ideas here, too.

Be open and vulnerable. No one likes a phony, and most people can tell when you’re not being authentic. And who has time for that? No one! Be yourself. If you don’t mesh with someone, then maybe they aren’t meant to be in your tribe. But if you are true to who you are, when you do meet people you want to do life with, you’ll breathe a lot easier.

Several years ago, I lived under the guise of “I’m fine,” when truthfully I was so broken inside. I remember *finally* breaking down in front of coworkers about a failed relationship I was struggling to get over. You should have seen their stunned faces. One told me that she thought I never had any problems because I was so happy all the time. [insert my stunned emoji face here]. That was the moment I realized that “fine” doesn’t work if I wanted to have deeper level friendships.

Show up. Wash, rinse, repeat. You can’t build a relationship if you’re always missing in action. Make time to be there for the other person. Listen when they’ve had a tough day and be there to celebrate the wins.


My Birthday Party – 2018

Invite others, and go when you’re invited. I love to invite friends and neighbors to different events. Mostly I prefer one-to-one or small groups, but this year for my birthday I invited more people than usual for a game night. I wanted friends from all areas of my life to come together, instead of just silos here and there. Not everyone could make it, but I was so excited to have neighbors, college friends, friends who also attend my church, etc. all in the same space. It was one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve had. Community truly does add richness to our lives!

Kick perfection to the curb. It helps no one. Most people don’t care, and when we show up with our realness, it allows them to do the same. All the energy being used to put up a facade can be used elsewhere, and you can actually relax!

Love covers a multitude of sins. We are all human and have tough days. Give each other the benefit of the doubt and show grace upon grace upon grace. Forgive when you’ve been wronged, and ask for forgiveness when you’ve hurt someone else.

bread and wine book cover

This week’s book is Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist. If you haven’t read any of Shauna Niequist’s writing, do yourself a favor and start with this one. In Bread and Wine, Niequist shares how hospitality takes shape in her life, which, most often, is around the table. Each poignant story about life and community is paired with one of her favorite recipes for you to try at home. Reading Bread and Wine awakened a desire in me to cook all the things! Generally speaking, I am a decent cook but I tend to prefer the exactness of baking. However the more I read, the more I wanted to experience the joys of trying new recipes around the table with old friends and hopefully new friends too.

What I also appreciate is that the “around the table” approach isn’t exclusive to food. There’s lots of ways to invite others into community if you’re not a master chef. If cooking isn’t your forte, what about a craft and chat group, a game night, or even a book club? You could organize a community service project to get others involved with a great cause. If you’re not ready to extend an invitation, sign up for a group and meet others who have common interests as you. Whatever you choose, make it fit who you are.

Who can you be a neighbor to during this season? Take the risk. Extend the invitation, and watch the magic happen. You’ll be glad you did.

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Bookstore Spotlight: Second Story Books


One of my favorite things to do is explore the city, and what better pastime than to explore new-to-me bookstores.

I know, I know, we are living in the digital age where we have one-click ordering online, e-readers, etc. But I’m an old-fashioned girl. I love the smell and feel of an actual book in my hands. Turning the pages, and sometimes reading ahead.

There’s nothing like it.

I love meandering through the aisles of a bookstore, seeing all the spines of best sellers, bargains, and more. Seeing which titles and colors catch my eye, or where the books by my favorite author are. There’s nothing like a lazy day spent at the bookstore with no particular book in mind, just taking it all in.

So in addition to reflections and book recommendations, this blog will also spotlight brick and mortar bookstores in the city.*

First up is Second Story Books!

Located in Dupont Circle Washington, DC, this is a unique bookstore that specializes in Antiquarian books. If you are like me and feel the urge to google it, I saved you the trip – they have tons of unique, rare books. I loved seeing the books with special bindings, books that are first edition copies signed by the author. WOW!

My favorite thing about Second Story Books is the quotes painted on the walls. If you follow me on IG, maybe you saw my photos last week! Sadly I forgot to save them..which means you’ll have to visit for yourself!

Second Story Books has discount sidewalk sales as well as special events, so be sure to keep them on your radar. They also sell CDs and DVDs. Visit their website for Consignment opportunities. Heads up, while this location is friendly for meandering, there’s no real sit down environment, so don’t go with that expectation, unless they have a special event.

Stay tuned for more Books Around Town!

*I do not receive anything from the bookstores; I am just sharing my personal reflections as I visit them.

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Hot Fun in the Summertime

It’s officially summer! YES! Bring on the bathing suits, sunscreen, and fun summer reads!

For my family, summer signals only one thing – that it is time for our annual family vacay. The planning started several months ago, and I admit I slowly started packing in May. One day away and we are all beyond excited! One week of unplugged adventure with my loved ones. My hand is raised 🙋🏾‍♀️ Calgon, take me away!

You might be wondering what books made the cut for the journey. This book-aholic always has a tough time narrowing it down. I usually take multiple books and read something based on how I feel. Sometimes I tote all the books and don’t touch them.

Friends, I have seen the light.

That’s wasted luggage real estate.

I finally decided to give myself a limit.

One fun read.

Nothing too heavy, but something that will give me an ab workout from laughter. Something perfect for the beach that I can stop and start as needed to go play.

I’ve decided to take Twenties Girl by Sophia Kinsella. I’ve read a few of her books and I am ready for the laughter! One book. That’s it.

Plus my Essence mags – the ones with Chadwick Boseman and Mike B Jordan on the covers. Because #WakandaForever Swoon!

This week’s book choice is summer approved. The Undomestic Goddess, by Sophia Kinsella, is the perfect beach read. I was first introduced to Sophia Kinsella through a friend who gave me her copy of Remember Me? Kinsella’s books are hilarious, with great leading ladies who are navigating this crazy thing called life. The Undomestic Goddess is no different.

Follow Samantha Sweeting on a journey of self-discovery as she faces a harsh reality after making a huge mistake at work. Afraid to go back and face the disaster, she inadvertently signs up to be household help. The only problem? She hasn’t the slightest idea how to do any housework. Has she truly kissed her chance for partnership goodbye, or will she face the music and find a new path? I guess you’ll have to read it and find out 😉

What are your plans for the summer? What fun reads are on your list?

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Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air, are heading home again. Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting – over and over announcing your place in the family of things. – Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

In April I went on retreat with some of the girls from my small group. In a challenging season, I was eager desperate to get away from the chaos. My pastor always says that “a change in pace plus a change in place equals a change in perspective.” I really needed a new perspective. While excited to travel with the girls, I was anxious. Exactly how much togetherness time would there be? This introvert needed to know! My friend and small group leader both reassured me that there would be plenty of opportunities for alone time. YES!

Y’all, the weekend was amazing. The retreat home where we stayed was beautiful. No detail was overlooked, from the room themes down to the linens. There were designated quiet spaces, a plethora of books inviting us to journey through their pages, and an observatory. Friends, there was even a Narnia closet that led to a rooftop perch looking out onto the property. Space and hospitality matter to me, and from the moment I walked in my spirit was at peace. I am so grateful that over the weekend, I was able to find rest, connect with nature, and bond with the girls.


On Sunday, we sang songs, read scriptures, and took communion. As my friend passed us the bread she whispered, “The body of Christ, broken for you.” Something about the words she spoke, heard countless times, resonated with me in a new way.

On this day, it really resonated with me that Christ’s body was not just broken.

It was broken for ME, for Stacy.

So that I could walk more closely with him and others.

As I looked around the room, I was struck with a sense of greater belonging. Here with these girls, I was accepted and appreciated for who I was {Click to tweet}. I struggle with rejection, and until that moment I didn’t realize how much I was waiting for a moment of rejection, which never came.

When I first joined the group, I was still healing from some relational wounds. I was hesitant to connect with others, especially in a group setting. But I felt the Lord nudging me to say yes. Ironically, a book study drew me in – Jesus knew that was all it took!

A book started it all, but it led to something greater. Spending time around the table and doing life with this group of girls allowed God to make me vulnerable enough, and pull me close enough to whisper my name and say Stacy, you are accepted. You belong. You are not alone on this journey {Click to tweet}. I went seeking answers to my chaos; instead God gave me an even greater gift.

Friends, I hope this encourages you and that you hear the truth in these words for yourself.

The body of Christ, broken, for you.

Here’s to friendships, retreats, and a deep sense of belonging.

Devotions by Mary Oliver

devotions by mary oliver

This week’s book recommendation is a poetry book called Devotions, by Mary Oliver. This poetry anthology is comprised of poems written by Mary Oliver over the years. I discovered her work several years ago when a dear friend share the poem, “Wild Geese” with me. Even now it is such an encouraging message for me, for all of us. That we belong. We have a place and life is calling out to us to discover more of it.

I discovered Devotions at the retreat house, and it was the perfect read for my weekend away. While I have not completed the entire book of Devotions, I recommend this book to you. I hope the words speak to your heart.

What has helped you on your journey for belonging? Are you still searching? Leave a comment below.